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JEDI REACTS!: Superhero Fight Club 2.0 | The CW Promo

While I'm on the fence about whether or not I really like the Burlanti-verse (as a whole), I'm still watching every show, and I do get enjoyment out of the WTF moments they manage to work into each series. Also, I'm just now noticing my wife knows the words to Welcome to the Jungle. I don't know the words to Welcome to the Jungle. We don't even own the song. WTF? ==================== ► YouTube [] ► Google+ [] ► Facebook [] ► Twitter [] Also... ► Instagram [] ► Flickr [] ► Tumblr [] ► Pinterest [] There's art here... ► DeviantArt [] ► Blogger [] There's music here... ► PocketBand [] ► Smule []
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