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"Doctor Strange" ⚗ Movie Night Adventure!

By the 3rd Degree Burns of Hogarth! A kinda sorta vlog adventure of the night we went to see Doctor Strange! Starring Snaggletooth Thundercat and Chick-fil-A Unifour! Stay tuned for my next video (excluding my usual React vids) where I take on a new approach to movie reviews. Well, new for me, anyway. Here's a vague (and thinly veiled reason to use an affiliate link) hint as to what's next: Background Music: "Untouchable" by The Passion HiFi ( ============================== Digital Jedi knows what you did last summer. You should get out more: ► YouTube [] ► Google+ [] ► Facebook [] ► Twitter [] Also... ► Instagram [] ► Flickr [] ► Tumblr [] ► Pinterest [] There's art here... ► DeviantArt [] ► Blogger [] There's music here... ► PocketBand [] ► Smule []
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